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Swimwear shopping is frustrating. Many styles are not available in local department stores or boutiques. There are lots of fun, flattering styles online, but where to look?

We’re Luna and Lu, a mother-daughter pair with a shared appreciation for swimwear. Our purpose is to simplify your search for an assortment of suits that appeal to your style. No swimwear is unsuitable–wear what makes you feel good–styles that accentuate your favorite features.

Lu's Story

I’m glad you’re here, you can call me Lu! I love swimwear more than I love the New England Patriots, and that’s saying something. When it comes to swimwear, or any clothing for that matter, I’m fairly adventurous—but there are certain styles I avoid because I know I’m not going to feel my best in them. Avid online shopper that I am, I tend to scour the internet for way too long before finding swimwear worth buying. Luna Lu was designed to help you (and me) find swimwear based on your established style preferences, because no one knows what swimwear will make you feel confident better than you do. Here’s to discovering the swimwear styles we know we want, but don’t know where to find!

–Emily Gilvar, Founder & CEO

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